Clyde McBride
Kamen Rider Lazer

Clyde as Kamen Rider Lazer

Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo

Clyde as Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo

Lazer bike gamer level 1

Kamen Rider Lazer Bike Gamer Level 1

Clyde is on of the main protagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. Clyde was chosen to become Lincoln's Gamer Intern by using a gamer driver and a Bakusou Bike Gashat to transform into a Kamen rider named Lazer,but Clyde kindly likes being a bike after all Lazer's appearance is a bike,& his main purpose was to save everyone from Bugsters with Lincoln by his side.

Name:Clyde McBride



Rider Type:Allie

Relatives:Howard McBride & Harold McBride (Fathers)

Friends:Lincoln Loud (Best Friend),Haiku (Girlfriend),Rusty Spokes,Rocky Spokes,Liam,Zach,Ronnie Anne Santiago,Cristina,Polly Pain,Tabby,Giggles,Chandler,Flat Tire,& Papa Wheelie

Enemies:Dr.Arthur P. Gaizen