Arthur Gaizen

Dr.Arthur as Dr.Pac-Man

Arthur Gaizen is The main antagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. He was born in July,12,1970 before he discovered the Bugsters in 2000,he planned to erase all of humanity by creating a powerful Bugster so powerful it can kill humans,before creating the powerful Bugster,he created Linus loud by absorbing energy from painful & bad memories about Lincoln's fears,hate,& rage of his sisters & what his sisters of what they done to him,& once he finally borns Linus Loud,he brainwashed him by using the absorbed energy of Lincoln's memories of his hates,fears,& angers of his sisters & these memories were also combined to create the new Bugster called "Link-Ster" after completing Linus loud,Linus takes the lead,while dr.pac-man hired new villains & villains from their worlds to destroy humanity on Lincoln's combined world.

Name:Dr.Arthur Peter Gaizen



Villain Type:Doctor & Leader (Current)

Bugster Form:Trinity

Relatives:Linus Loud (Creation & Son),Lincoln Loud (Half-Son),& Leni Loud (Half-Daughter)

Enemies:Lincoln Loud & Everyone else.