Gatton Bugster
Gatton is the 3rd Bugster in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. He is the Bugster who infected Mr.Grouse


Becoming Action Robot Gamer Level 3Edit

When Mr.Grouse found out his whole family was kidnapped by Linus Loud,Linus infected Him with the Gekitotsu Robots Virus,after he left mr.grouse for dead last night,ever since it caused him stress,the Bugster broke out of him,but Lincoln came in to stop the Bugster Union,after the union battle,Gatton broke into his true form,causing him to scan enemies,after scanning the loud sisters,they aren't enemies but Lincoln was scanned as a enemy making Gatton To turn on his Termination Mode,after Gatton escaped,Mr.Grouse founded his family at the forest with Linus and Gatton but it was a trap to lure ex-aid,but ex-aid was able to dodge the trap,& inserting the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat in his gamer driver,activating The Robot Gamer Level 3 Form,after weakening Genm & Gatton,Ex-Aid Used his finishing move,Gekitotsu Critical Smash,to punch Gatton in the Stomach causing him to his own demise & got Game Clear till Linus escaped.