Lincoln Doppelgänger
Kamen Rider Imit-Aid

Lincoln Doppelgänger as Kamen Rider Imit-Aid

Kamen Rider Imit-Aid Level 1

Kamen Rider Imit-Aid Imit-Action Gamer Level 1

Lincoln Doppelgänger or Also Known as "Doppelgänger" is the main antagonist in the Upcoming Mini-Series for Kamen Rider Nickelodeon,"Kamen Ranger Froniter:Lincoln's Legacy". doppelgänger is Lincoln's Copy born from his negative energy,his goal was to annihilate the whole world by using the power of the evil imitations of the mighty action X Gashat & gamer driver,he becomes an imitation of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid named Kamen Rider "Imit-Aid",& will he be stopped by Lincoln.

Name:Lincoln Doppelgänger




Relatives:Leni Gemini (Older Sister)

Enemies:Lincoln Loud & Leni Loud