Luan Loud
Kamen Rider Marika

Luan as Kamen Rider Marika

Luan Loud is one of the protagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. She is a fun-loving girl who does jokes and puns and always pranks her sisters,& she makes her own business called "Funny Business" to entertain children's birthday party,she was received a Driver that allows Luan to turn into Kamen rider Marika,she also does sexual things to Lincoln with Leni,& will help Lincoln at all cost.

Name:Luan Loud



Rider Type:Heroine

Relatives:Lincoln Loud,Linus Loud (Younger Brothers),Lori Loud,Leni Loud,Luna Loud (Older Sisters),Lynn Loud Jr.,Lucy Loud,Lana Loud,Lola Loud,Lisa Loud,Lily Loud (Younger Sisters),Lynn Loud Sr. (Father),& Rita Loud (Mother)

Friends:Giggles & Maggie

Enemies:Dr.Arthur P. Gaizen