Luna Loud
Kamen Rider Nadeshiko

Luna as Kamen Rider Nadeshiko

Luna Loud is one of the protagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. She is a Teen who is the loudest loud in the loud family,she has a love for music and love for rock n roll,she also became a Kamen rider named "Nadeshiko" when she received a Nadeshiko Driver,to help Lincoln and her siblings,she needs to rock & use her powers given by the Nadeshiko driver.

Name:Luna Loud



Rider Type:Heroine

Relatives:Lincoln Loud,Linus Loud (Younger Brothers),Lori Loud,Leni Loud (Older Sisters),Luan Loud,Lynn Loud Jr.,Lucy Loud,Lana Loud,Lola Loud,Lisa Loud,Lily Loud (Younger Sisters),Lynn Loud Sr. (Father),& Rita Loud (Mother)


Enemies:Dr.Arthur P. Gaizen,Alveolar,& Felix Enders