Motors Level 3

Motors Level 3

Motors is a Bugster born from Bakusou Bike in Kamen Rider Nickelodeon. He is the second Bugster who infected Bobby Santiago.


Lazer's EntryEdit

After Clyde received his gamer driver and Bakusou bike Gashat,the game disease infected Bobby while he was still in school,after being stressed so much,the Bugster broke free into his union form,until Clyde transforms into his Lazer Bike Gamer Level 1 to battle the Bugster Union,after defeating it,Motors broke out & starts flirting on Leni & removing her clothes pervertfully,Clyde switch up to Lazer Level 2 with Lincoln into Ex-Aid Level 2,& motors ends up betting on ex-aid if he wins,ex-aid will defeat him,but if motors wins,The Bakusou Bike Gashat will be his & will take Leni as his Bride,after they decided to race in the Streets at night time,Ex-Aid & Lazer Races down motors to 1st & 2nd,but with using the power-ups from the energy items,it became almost easy,by defeating motors,Lazer used the Bakusou Critical Slash to beat motors & Ex-Aid & Lazer got a game cleared win & motors was destroyed.