Kamen Rider Dark Necrom Y

Reia as Kamen Rider Dark Necrom Y

Reia is one of the new protagonist in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. She is the princess of Pytharism & The Twin sister of Reyos,she was afraid of the way Rhyos was cruel to the people of Pyhtarism,she always pray to the gods for mercy on her people when she was 10,& The Specter Damashii was part of the gods as a Myth,at the invasion of earth,she was forced to destroy humanity & she cried in fear,as Reyos was chosen to become Kamen rider specter,she bless to her gods for the mercy her people deserve as she was proud of his brother to become a god & she will be with Reyos on his side,& fight Rhyos as Kamen Rider Dark Necrom Y.




Species:Human/Dimensional Being

Rider Type:Heroine

Relatives:Reyos (Twin Brother),Rhyos (Older Brother)

Enemies:Alamos of Rotorcraft