Kamen Rider Specter

Reyos as Kamen Rider Specter

Kamen Rider Dark Necrom B

Reyos as Kamen Rider Dark Necrom B

Reyos is the New protagonist in Kamen Rider Nickelodeon. He was a Egypt-like Prince from another Dimension called "Pytharism",His older brother made and forced him to do terrible and awful thing so to other worlds,but at earth,he saved Leni from a Pytharism Sacrifice & as we'll as the others,after with a change of heart along with dark Necrom B,the Specter damashii chose Reyos to become Kamen Rider Specter to serve and protect his love ones,& including his twin sister.




Species:Human/Dimensional Being

Rider Type:Hero

Relatives:Rhyos (Elder Brother) & Reia (Twin Sister)

Friends:Leni Loud

Enemies:Alamos of Rotorcraft