Kamen Rider Dark Necrom R

Rhyos as Kamen Rider Dark Necrom R

Rhyos is a New antagonist of Kamen Rider Nickelodeon. He was a Evil and cruel King who punishes men,rapes women,& separate children from the parents,until his younger brother always demand him to stop & decides what's best for his people,at the invasion on earth,he chose Leni as a Pytharism Sacrifice,but after he saw the Specter Damashii chose Reyos to become Specter,he still remains as Dark Necrom R filled with endless rage & decide to give his people freedom because he wants to remain on earth to have revenge on his brother & ends having a grudge and vendetta on him.



Species:Human/Dimensional Being

Rider Type:Villain

Relatives:Reyos (Younger Brother) & Reia (Younger Sister)

Enemies:Lincoln Loud & Leni Loud