Salty Level 3

Salty Bugster Level 3

Salty Bugster is the first Bugster in Kamen rider Nickelodeon. He hosted the manager at Gus' Game and food & he was defeated by Lincoln,but since Linus was turned good,salty and the other Bugsters also became good and their data was sent to the Kamen rider Ginga Gashat.


The First Breakout and The Rebirth of Ex-AidEdit

When Lincoln came inside of Gus' Game and food,he saw the new game Mighty Action X,he won three unknown prizes which were the gamer driver,the mighty action X Gahsat,and the kimewaza slot holder,but when the manager had infection,the Bugster broke free &a collapse and break half of the arcade,but Sooner or later Lincoln quickly transformed inti Kamen rider Ex-Aid Level 1 & goes after the Bugster using his bike,but as he chases for it,it attack the mall as his Ten sisters were in their,as he battle the Bugster,he smacked it down with the gashacon Breaker & he saved his sisters & aided them as salty breaks out to his true form,Lincoln transforms into ex-aid level 2,& protects his sisters,& battles the hideous Boss,as he weakened Salty with the energy items,he finishes salty with the Mighty Critical Finish & After he was defeated he got "Game Clear" & the manager was cured.